Drinkware FAQs

Why should I buy eDrinkware restaurant quality plastic drinkware (plastic glasses) Vs. other brands of acrylic drinkware?

eDrinkware plastic drinkware is a step up in presentation from other acrylic tumblers. Designed to emulate glassware in look and feel. They look like glassware but wear like acrylic. Improved scratch resistance over other acrylics including polycarbonate. Engineered for commercial use unlike acrylics for home use. Our acrylic plastic glasses are manufactured from FDA approved acrylic resin. e-Drinkware drinkware reduces your operating costs while creating quality in image and presentation. Most of our plastic glasses are made in the USA.


Why should I buy eDrinkware acrylic drinkware (plastic glasses) over glassware?

eDrinkware plastic drinkware reduces liability from glass breakage. They do not shatter like glass; yhus making clean up easier and faster. The danger of lacerations and contamination of glass chips is eliminated when using our drinking glasses. Thermal shock of a cold drink into a hot drinkware is not a problem. acrylic drinkware is stackable and lighter allowing for easier handling. Our acrylic plastic glasses are easily stored and haves superior insulative properties too. Most of our restaurant quality plastic glasses are made in the USA.

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