Mountain Lights

Below are poems for you to enjoy. Maybe something you read here will help you through your day:) If you have a poem you would like to share please email it to Include additional information like: the writer/creator, city, state and permission to post on our website.

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Hold On To Everyday

(Poem by Doug Taylor in Highlands Ranch, Colorado)

Time is moving so fast and quick, I wish I could hold on to it.

It passes by with such grace and speed, I don't even notice its affect on me.

Always wishing for tomorrow instead of enjoying today, will catch-up to me somehow some way.

The one thing that I should sincerely learn, is to hold on to each day and enjoy its concern.

When today is over and tomorrow is here, let yesterdays concerns just disappear.

So God my Father give unto me the wisdom to enjoy everyday I see.

Keep your head facing forward and don't look back, because yesterday is in the past and that is that.


Best Friends - Unlocked

(Poem by Mariah Taylor in Highlands Ranch, Colorado)

You won’t believe what we’ve been to And all the hard times that’s gone through

It’s so hard now, being friends Looks like we’ve made it, this’ll never end

I’ll always love her with all my heart And there’s so much hope in me that we’ll never part

We’re such fools when we’re together But that’s ok, because I NEED her

She’s always there when I’m sad, mad, or crying When I’m around her, I’m never sobbing

She’s my besti, I love her Not 10 people (not even more) could replace her

Can’t believe that we’re still friends If we weren’t, the world just might end

I’ve always loved the sound of our laughter Hope to see her tomorrow and the day after

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